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We're greeting new neighbors with apple pies, they're clown slamming girl's asses. Once again we get stuck with the shitty traditions.

Girl Beaten and Stripped in Hotel Staircase by Female Bullies

Poor chick

Indian Teen Forced to Strip by Two Ass holes

oh damn is it priceless...hahahahah....owned

Now there's some ingenuity

If I had 50 bucks, I'd buy her just to get her away from this shit.

Evidently Kobe cattle gets treated nicer in Japan than women..


Ive never EVER seen such a bizarre video

Those legs are in bad shape. dont use drugs or at least be clean if you do. Damn

The hell kind of bizarre thing is this? Even the girl watching shows her boobs

Outspoken man murdered by the chinese government has sparked outrage.

He was accused of being a burglar/rapist of the night because he was of the Sunni sect.

Brazilian bikini fight

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I only want one night with the tanned, toned girl and I can die in peace.

I cant imagine the smell

Girl Forced Gangbang by Coworkers in Open Field

                           Drunk Chicks Fight it out on Corner Store Floor until the Cops Show Up

Arab Teens Caught Fucking on the Side of a Mosque

This housewife likes to get fucked by 3 dudes while her husband is at work

Arabic Chick has the Nicest ass on the Fucking Planet

Violating the Fuck out of Oblivious Passed Out Drunk Girl

i knew giving my girl those shots of whisky was going to mean a really sloppy blow job....but this is fucked up

Drunk Girl at Concert Molested by a Bunch of Horny Rednecks

WTF! Police Blackmail and Force Girl to Get Naked in Woods to Avoid Arrest

Amateur Arab Chick Taken out Back and Railed

Drunk Passed out Teen Exposed by Her Own Cousin

Passed out Drunk Chick Fondled by Friends After Party

Prostitutes are Humiliated by Police who Caught them with Male in Hotel Room

Poor Girl Crying Uncontrollably as Guys Force Their way on Her

Girl Blackmailed and Humiliated by Group of Guys she thought were Friends

Girl Owes Money .... Forced to Strip Down and Groped by Dick HeaDS

Chick Forcefully Violated and Gang Banged by Group of Punks

Nursing Student Forced to Take Clothes off by Male Nurses in Back Room

Guys drug girl and fuck her while passed out, for promoting their website

Sex with my friends

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